The TNT Tumble slot machine is the latest installment in the popular Tumble series from Relax Gaming. Its creative features, symbols,

and gameplay are all based on the mining industry. It’s not without precedence and shares numerous characteristics with prior Relax Gaming grid slots – Temple Tumble Megaways in particular. For instance, both include bonus games with three choices that might change the game’s volatility. TNT Tumble features a great bonus round and does more than enough to set itself apart from games with similar themes.

To begin with, it’s a nice place to be. TNT shows a mining shaft in the Alps, either in Switzerland or Austria. After exiting the brick and iron mine, you’ll find yourself on a vast, open meadow encircled by snowy peaks. The flowers are in bloom, and you can almost feel the warm mountain breeze, therefore it must be spring or summer. After you’ve had your fill of the surroundings, tap the triple coin button to choose your bet, which can range from 10 cents per spin up to $100 U.S. or €100 European.

At the conclusion of each spin, the 5×7 grid is filled with symbols and stone blocks. Only the top four rows have symbols to begin with; the bottom three rows are filled with stone blocks that will disappear when a winning combination appears next to one of them. When a winning combination is formed, the winning symbols and any neighboring stone tiles are removed from the board, making room for fresh symbols to fall into place. If two more winners land, the process restarts with a new fall.

Not the most fascinating symbols ever, but they get the job done. Silver nuggets, gold nuggets, blue gems, green gems, orange gems, and red gems, with the last offering 15 times your investment for a combination of seven, are listed in ascending sequence from least valuable to most. In order to win, you must get a line of at least three identical symbols going either horizontally or vertically.

The crazy drill icon is here to lend a hand. When wilds contribute to a win, they are not deleted but instead burrow deeper into stone tiles, so this is no ordinary drill. There is a 50x multiplier for a total of 7 stacked drills. The removal of wilds occurs only when they reach the bottom of the grid. Although it may not seem so at first glance, wild symbols actually contribute significantly to many of your victories. It may be rather thrilling to see a swarm of them drill holes all over the grid.

Exploring the game’s inner workings reveals a respectable return to player percentage of 96.11%. Contrary to what one might think, the RTP does not increase when the bonus buy is activated. Not a horrible statistic by any means, especially when coupled with the bonus round’s selectable medium, high, or extremely high volatility and respectable hit rate.

Slot Machine TNT Tumble Functions

When all three rows of stone blocks are eliminated in one spin, the Bonus game begins. This is when things may get crazy. Like Temple Tumble, the bonus game begins with 6 free spins, and it gives players a choice of three features.

Bonus Spins (Medium Volatility): 1, 2, 3, 5, or 10 can be found in unique stone blocks.

Special stone blocks may hold extra multipliers or free spins, making this a high-volatility game.

Extremely volatile multipliers can be found in one of three different types of unique stone blocks.

Special stone blocks on the grid contain multipliers and extra spins. When the blocks are broken, the progressive multiplier in the bonus game is increased by 1, 2, 3, 5, or 10 times, and the additional spins block provides 1, 2, 3, 5, or 10 free spins. Keep blasting those stone blocks, since stones eliminated are not reset between spins and clearing three rows awards +2 free spins.

One additional unique sign must be remembered. This is the stone block that explodes when you win the bonus or regular game. This one, when taken out of the line, will detonate and destroy the rest of the stones.

The Bonus Buy option is available for 70 times your total stake if you’re not in the mood to chip away at stones during the base game.

Judgment on TNT’s Tumble Slot

TNT Tumble clearly takes inspiration from the other Relax Gaming grid slots. Perhaps the most congruent is Temple Tumble Megaways. When TNT is in full effect, it doesn’t matter that the three bonus game options are theoretically identical. Drilling wilds are the show stoppers; they may rack up win lines, smash stone tiles, connect to other drills, and cause all sorts of havoc.

The finest conditions for these grid slots to shine are when a series of wins and features are cascading rapidly toward one another, with the drill as the pivotal character in most of these sequences. It’s worth a shot if only to witness the spectacle that is its operation.

Overall, TNT Tumble is a great grid slot from Relax Gaming, despite its unimpressive appearance in a screenshot. At times, the main game drags, but the amazing bonus game, which features some incredible streaks, more than makes up for it. The formula for some explosive grid slot action includes a maximum win of 2,088 times the stake in a single spin and a theoretical maximum win of 12,278 times the wager.






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